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Waitlist for a Free Discovery Call with Dana Trentini

Thank you for your interest in working with Dana Trentini. Dana has a limited number of open spots for new clients. She personally selects potential new clients from the waitlist that she feels will have successful outcomes in her programs. High commitment level to getting healthier is a must.

Please complete this application and then click the “Submit” button at the bottom to join the waitlist. Do not click “Submit” while you are filling out the form, as it will submit the form before you are finished. Everything you share here is private and confidential.

If you are selected for a Free Discovery Call, we will contact you via email with a link to Dana’s calendar to book your call. This free 45-minute online call gives Dana an opportunity to learn more about your needs and gives you a chance to ask her questions about her services. There’s no obligation. This helps Dana determine if her health coaching is a good fit for you. Exploration of your health complaints and customization of a health coaching program for your needs are important goals of the call.

Dana works with clients from all around the world via online video meetings.

If you follow one of Dana’s health websites or social media accounts, you already know that she is deeply passionate about helping people get healthier. Dana is honored that you have chosen her to be a part of your journey to getting (Yes!) Healthier.

What (or who) would prevent you from completing a health coaching program?
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